Thursday 09 April, 2020

Cultivating the Positive Mindset

Cultivating the Positive Mindset

In the recent past, many articles were produced, criticizing the government for not doing enough. Several open letters were written to the political party leaders, people residing outside Nepal, bureaucrats etc.

The intent of such reports are you are not doing enough for the country. Such articles and reports were written by so called intellectual and specialists. We hardly have seen any article or tweet commending the good work of the government. Why we are doing this?

It is a pity that so called intellectual have two major flaws. First, they are not forthcoming to appreciate when government does something good but quick on reacting on something which government is not doing good. One recent example is PM Oli attempts to make Dr Bhagwan Koirala VC of TU. Considering the background of Dr Koirala no one will dispute on the capacity of Dr Koirala to manage the TU. Sadly, very few tweets or comments were made on the very encouraging move by the government.

Second we are very quick on giving advice to others without realizing what we have done for the country. Numerous open letters were written in the past, criticizing government and political leaders blaming them for mismanagement of the nation. There is no doubt, as a leader of the nation and people’s representative; they should be responsible for this. But the moot question is what we as a citizen are doing? To be specific, what those who are writing open letter to leaders are doing? I presume very little. We are good at providing advice and passing comments but do very little on our own.

Even without the involvement of government and leaders, we can do so many things on our own but we are not doing. One example is now we have electricity surplus for the first time. How many of us are now switching towards electricity replacing LPG. I guess very little. If we do that, this will be a great contribution to the nation, where we can make substantial saving by reducing the import of LPG. Second example is how many of us go and watch Nepali movie? If we do that, we can contribute to Nepali movie industry. Since we are now self sufficient in shoe production, why we are still prefer to wear imported shoes. These lists could be endless. But we are not doing that and passing buck to the government. This is very unfortunate.

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